Biographies of Methodist Ministers with ties to Independence Church

Excepts from a work by Zera Hansell Howe

This material has appeared in various forms in various pieces of Howe's work. These OCR-converted scans came from a 1979 work, entitled, "Pioneer Churches and Cemeteries of Gillam Township, Jasper County, Indiana"

The order of the links follows their presentation in the original; pagination has been removed.

Introductory Section

George Guild
Thomas M. Guild
Daniel Hull Guild
John Sebring
Charles Postill
Sylvester P. Hart
Thomas Mason
Everett W. Culp
Charles W. Faris
Cyril C. Rockwell
David A. Rodgers
Thomas Markin
William Campbell
Horace Campbell
Charles E. Campbell
Frank (Francis H.) Campbell

Discussion of Gillam Church

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